It’s Simple: Limit Congressional Terms and Drain the Swamp

How Congress, Riddled with Conflicts of Interests, Has Become a Cesspool Within the Swamp

Recently, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made a disturbing accusation against the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Speaker Pelosi stated that Donald Trump was involved in a “Criminal Cover-up.” This statement shows the nature of the modern Democrat Party, a Party that supports legislation from the bench. Congress judges from the Capitol without due process. “Nervous Nancy,” as the president has dubbed her, has thrown the Constitution out the window as the United States skids toward the Democratic-Socialist fascism on which her caucus campaigned.

Because of the nature of campaign finance in this country, we have a Congress that is conflicted to the point that they are unable to function. In 2017, the Harvard Business Review did an expose on the conflicts of interests within both chambers of commerce. The authors juxtaposed the alleged conflicts of interests that President Trump has as a businessperson against the known conflicts of interest that members of Congress have, specifically members of commerce who sit on committees dealing with the matters in which they are conflicted. According to the House Committee on Ethics, while a member of Congress cannot be prohibited from voting on a specific issue – in which they are conflicted because of the underlying disenfranchisement of their entire constituency – there are situations where a member is required to abstain from voting or participation because of direct person interest in a given matter. We, the American people, invoke this ethics rule as follows. The known criminal conduct of the Democratic National Committee (admitted and exposed in the Muller Report) reveals that any and all members of the House Democratic Caucus have a personal, vested interest in the unseating and character assassination of the President of the United States. It is time for a mass exodus from Congress of the Democrat Party because they are unable and unwilling to conduct the duties to which they were voted.

Nancy Pelosi’s extra-judicial accusations against the President of the United States are an example of how far Congress has fallen from its mandated responsibility as the legislative body of the United States. To understand the problem, we must return to the “Separation of Powers” methodology that was used by the Founding Fathers. By separating the power of government into the distinct (though not co-equal) branches, the Founding Fathers attempted to avoid the constitutional crisis which we have on our hands today.

Branches of Government Bring Balance

First, the constitutional Framers designed the Legislative Branch to be the sole creator of law in the United States. Through countless manifestations, the political elite of the United States have undermined this concept through the exertion of Common Law (which was specifically rejected by the framers) and Executive Orders (which are to only be used in very rare circumstances). The purpose of a separate legislative branch was so that a voice, separate from that of the mob, could be allowed to create the laws for the nation. The House of Representatives has two jobs, budget and legislation, neither of which is furthered by the unconstitutional committee driven nonsense aimed at defacing a sitting United States president.

The second most powerful branch of the government was designed to be the executive branch, whose responsibility it to execute the laws as enacted by Congress within the given meaning of the law. Too often we get caught up in the “president as leader of the free world” argument, which distracts us from the real purpose of the Executive Branch, enforcement. Truly, it appears that the fear of the Democrat Party is not that the president cannot do his job, but rather, that the president is actually doing his job and enforcing the laws that are on the books of the United States.

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Finally (with the exception of impeachment), judicial authority of the United States is solely vested in the Judicial Branch of Government. This branch, which was designed to be the weakest branch due to known abuses in other countries, has fallen victim to those selfsame abuses that have caused it to be problematic in other countries, namely common law and legislating from the bench. As the court gives up its impartial position and becomes invested in the outcomes of its own proceedings (judges are often rated on their record for appointment to a higher court) we see the judiciary become, on its own, a semi-political branch of government. If there is any doubt, look at the outcry against Brett Kavanagh’s nomination to the high court.

Overall, it is time that the people of the United States demand that our elected representatives act as representatives and cease acting like “elected royalty” in Washington. Their job is to pass laws or retract laws for the betterment of the United States. Playing judge, jury, and executioner is simply showing that the quality of congresspeople has declined from the patriots who fought in the revolutionary and Civil Wars to the career politicians who haunt Washington today. Democrats and Republicans alike are conflicted in the performance in Washington. The vast majority of representatives and senators should insist that this is their last term – resign themselves not to run in 2020, start the process for a constitutional amendment to limit “civic duty.” It should be set to three terms in the House and two terms in the Senate, and, at most, ten years on the high court with the option for a one time renewal. If they did this, then we may return for a government “of the people, by the people and for the people,” as Lincoln so eloquently put it.

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Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
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