Inspiring Action: COL1972 Taps Abby Johnson as Global Ambassador

Culture of Life 1972’s Brand Ambassador

The Culture of Life 1972 (COL1972) Fashion for Life brand appointed Abby Johnson to be their first global ambassador, on May 16, 2019. COL1972 was launched in January 2019. It is the only brand that exists to build a culture of life, where every life is valued and protected – celebrating life from its tiniest moment to its final breath. Carla D’Addesi founded COL1972 with her three teenage daughters after seeing a neglected market of women who are pro-Life but don’t have many options when it comes to purchasing clothing and accessories that support their point of view.

Choosing Abby Johnson was an inspiration. She epitomizes the brand’s philosophy and mission. “Abby is bold and beautiful, someone who truly epitomizes our brand,” say D’Addesi. Being the brand ambassador is a role Johnson is all too happy to accept. As part of the Global Ambassador role, she will be personally styled for speaking engagements by D’Addesi and her daughters.

Carla D’Addesi and her daughters

COL1972 has a Cause and Purpose

The year 1972 is a reference to the last time this nation had a culture of life; that is, before abortion became legal in January 1973. COL1972 wants the world to understand there is a new status quo and no one ever has to sacrifice their core values in order to fit in. COL1972 is fashion without compromise. “We strive to offer an alternative to the 50+ brands that support Planned Parenthood by providing a guilt-free and fun shopping experience for those who support a culture of life – and what better spokeswoman for that position than Abby Johnson,” said Carla D’Addesi.

There is always room for more in the #LifeTribe.

“I’ve always had a difficult time finding not only wearable and comfortable clothes as a working mom, but ones I didn’t feel guilty about purchasing because of the brand’s ties to the abortion industry,” said Johnson, an international pro-life advocate and speaker. “I’m so proud to represent COL1972, to wear their clothing, and to support a fashion brand that gives back to the pro-life movement in a positive way.” In addition, 10% of every purchase goes to a Culture of Life organization through its charitable arm COL1972 Foundation 501 (c)(3).

Abby Johnson’s Experience Makes Her a Perfect Match as COL1972’s Fashion Brand Ambassador

Abby Johnson was a former Planned Parenthood director. She worked for Planned Parenthood (PP) for eight years, working her way up through the ranks to become the clinic director a clinic in Bryan, Texas. She was PP’s Employee of the Year in 2008. After witnessing the abortion of a 13-week-old fetus during an ultrasound-guided abortion, she walked away from her job. Instantly, she became a national news headline for her defection. That led her to a pro-Life speaking career.

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She wrote the book that became the movie: “Unplanned.” In 2012, she founded And Then There Were None, the only ministry in the nation that helps abortion workers leave their jobs and find new ones out of the industry. To date, she has helped nearly 500 abortion workers quit. On a personal note, she and her husband, Doug, have eight beautiful children. Their newest addition arrived in June 2019.

As the COL1972 fashion brand family welcomes Abby Johnson and her family to theirs, know there is always room for more in the #LifeTribe. Come celebrate life with others who share the mission. As for Johnson, she is thrilled to finally be able to try on the new clothing line and share it with the global community.

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COL1972 began with a mission to fill the gap in the fashion industry and change the world for the better. We are artists and dreamers.Thinkers and influencers. Shakers and movers. We are united by the belief that every life matters. We are constantly inspired by the idea that all life must be celebrated. We hope to create a #LifeTribe that stands out, for good. Created by Carla D'Addesi, her husband and three daughters. All Welcome! Will you join us? Shop at and use NRN10 promo code for 10% off.