Christians Don’t Get Any Love From “Love is Love” Apologists

In this world today, nothing is safe, not even religion. Between the Equality Act and the failure of YouTube protecting free speech, it seems that the religious eschatology folks are far more correct than we were lead to believe. The Equality Act attempted to protect “gay rights” while also attempting to make decisions of a religious nature (or decisions of conscience) while affording no rights for those of faith. YouTube’s “protection of free speech” was far from it. Perhaps it’s not a harbinger of doom, but when a Christian pastor is jailed for preaching the Christian message of the Gospel of Jesus, you know you’ve hit the End of Days.

Oh Canada…

On Tuesday, June 4th, 2019, during the bustle of rush hour traffic around 5:00 pm, the noise of cars was pierced with the sound of an amplified voice. The voice came from Pastor David Lynn who stood on the corner of the Church and Wellesly community in the Toronto area. As he began to preach, Lynn did not use any “inflammatory” language or anti-gay rhetoric. He simply started talking about the love of God and the need for Jesus Christ as Savior on a street corner much like the old school days of the street preachers.

The open-air evangelist mustered up the courage to stand on a soap box, talk through a cheap portable sound system, and preach open-air in the context of our day. Why decry “Oh Canada”? Because Canada is the country where they passed Bill C-16. Bill C-16 is an amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act which states explicitly that discrimination towards transgender will be prosecuted. It is essentially compelled speech, and it is the exact issue that put Dr. Jordan Peterson on the map. This same country just jailed this Christian pastor for preaching the Christian Gospel message on a street corner and labeled it “disturbing the peace.” Pastor Lynn was taken into custody by Toronto police and was released on bail Wednesday June 5th, 2019.

The Gay Mafia Came…

The interesting thing here is not the charges against Pastor Lynn, although they were in fact reprehensible considering he was simply exercising his right to freely express his religious views. The interesting thing here was the action of the mob which provides a fascinating yet frightening study. Footage of Lynn’s outdoor ministry was streamed for nearly two hours of him first praying for a homeless man then proceeded to telling everybody that “God loves them,” and that “Jesus Christ came to forgive sin,” and “how everyone can have hope!” Words rooted in religious ties granted, but nothing short of benign at worst!

What happened could have been predicted coming out of the gay mafia. Between when Lynn started and into 5:50 pm on Tuesday, a crowd began to form. Not long after that, a man came and told him he did not want to hear a microphone preacher. So Lynn respectfully turned off the mic but continued preaching “God loves you!” and “We can have a hope, hope, hope!” and “Jesus came to save us from ourselves!” More and more people flooded Lynn and what follows is also to be expected. The Gay Supremacists showed up and held up signs like “Love is love!” as well as the rainbow flag and other signs that espouse the LGBTQAIIP2+ agenda. Not soon after that, they began to shout over this preacher and chased him away. Lynn respectfully leaves but the Gay Mafia decides to follow him and ultimately bar him from actually leaving. But admirable, Lynn did not relent, fully knowing his rights for freedom of speech, continues not just to preach but confront his accusers calling him “anti-gay” and “anti-trans” and whatever nonsensical name these NPCs download from the “Homosexual Matrix.” Pastor David Lynn cries out: If “love is love,” why don’t you love me or Christians? If proof is in the pudding, then you can watch the full streamed video of the event in question here:

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They Even Own the Police

Around 5:50 pm, a Toronto officer arrives. Here is where it gets shocking and almost seems like this is straight out of Hollywood. The police officer comes and commands Lynn to stop under the auspices of “disturbing the peace.”

How Does This Make Sense?!

We look at this and think, “How is this possible? This doesn’t even make any lick of sense!” It can be likened to Steven Crowder doing one of his “Change My Mind” segments on a university campus and then police coming up and arresting him for drawing a large crowd who voluntarily showed up and labels it “disturbing the peace.” Anyone with any sense can see that this man was not. Conversely, the people disturbing the peace was in fact, the Homosexual Gestapo who circled Lynn like vultures and any hint towards religion and they lose their minds. And this all happened to the people of the North! Canada is just straight up across our Northern borders and they are doing this to their own citizens. They prohibit speech while enforcing other forms of speech and here in our end, if we don’t fight for our values and our rights as outlined in our Constitution, we may see ourselves becoming more Canadian than American, eh. And that friends, is unConstitutional!