Bye, Bye Baby: Based Amy Pops Baby Trump! Hilarious!

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Happy Birthday “Based Amy!”

Gr8 Brit

During protests in London, where the Baby Trump balloon was birthed, the silly thing was finally popped. While President Trump was visiting, A British Trump supporter, who is known as Based Amy, was arrested because she decided as a birthday present to herself she would pop it. Sure enough as she began live streaming her actions, she found a time where there weren’t too many people around the balloon. It was then she made her way in.

I guess you now need a license to carry a knife or scissors in the street of London

But before she does the deed, she tells the viewers that she could get arrested for this, but for the people watching to give her “a wind up” if they think she should do it as her birthday present to herself.  She laughs as if someone typed something funny on her live stream, waits and then says she is “going in.” She films herself popping the baby Trump balloon and even gets struck on her hand when pushing the scissors into the plastic.

Baby Trump Deflates While Snowflakes Melt

When she slams the scissors into the balloon you can hear all the snowflakes melting. Amazingly, at that moment the rain stops and the sun finally comes out in London. She yells at the protesters that “it is a national shame” what they are doing, and that “President Trump is the greatest American President ever.” What a wonderful gift to all of us Trump supporters.

Once she pops the balloon, several people rush at her. Based Amy tells them to not touch her and films herself walking away. As she walks away she shows the camera her bloody hand. That’s taking one for the team.

A License to Carry Scissors?

Based Amy pops Baby Trump!

A few minutes after as she is still filming herself, she then gets approached by police. They tell her to “relax her arm.” She calls out for help. She informs police she is a middle aged disabled woman, and to not hurt her arm. The British police kept telling her to relax the arm. She says she has her phone filming and that her arm is holding the phone. Based Amy warns the police not to break the phone or she will sue the officer, and states his ID number.

The British government is charging her for carrying scissors without a licence. So I guess you now need a license to carry a knife or scissors in the street of London. If you leave the US and travel abroad this summer, travelers beware.