Democrats Against Democracy

Before Donald Trump announced his presidency, I believed we lived in a Democracy. All my life I heard one Leftist after another claim that voting was a fundamental right. That’s why it is shocking me to see people angry over my political views.

I found it odd that those arguing for teenagers, convicted felons and illegal migrants to vote have contempt for those that exercise their rights and support Donald Trump. Some states such as New Jersey, Illinois, and California are trying to keep Donald Trump’s name off the ballot. Explain to me how this is an exercise in Democracy?

Obsession is not Healthy

When Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency in 2016, he was not my ideal choice. However, what drew me towards him was his punching back against the bullying of the Left. Former President Bill Clinton signed former Senator Joe Biden’s sponsored bill into law that increased the incarceration of black men. I never stopped speaking to friends and relatives who jokingly referred to Bill Clinton as “our first black president.”

However, I have been unfriended, ostracized, and called a sellout for supporting President Trump. The President has undone the damage Democrats inflicted upon the black community. Such as going after criminals, drug dealers, and corrupt local leaders who keep the inner cities trapped in failing schools, abject poverty, and crime. His tax breaks allow businesses to come into the black community and create jobs. On the other hand, Democrats, like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez nixing the Amazon project, throw away potential jobs, opportunities, and wealth, that would lift economies of depressed neighborhoods.

Democrats were so smug and dismissive of Trump, they could not see why people who once called themselves Democrats gravitated to Trump’s message of America First. Nobody was more damaged by globalism than the Middle Class. They got tired of seeing their wealth being depleted for migrants that came into this country, such as Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaid. Both newly elected congresspersons are ungrateful and refuse to assimilate.

Stick and Stones

American First is not a racist trope. Americans have had enough of saving everyone else’s poor while our poor people and homeless stay neglected. It does not make any sense to have migrants obtain jobs and housing while Americans are not being employed, so they gravitated to Trump. He vowed to end the insanity of redistributing America’s wealth and resources for a New World Order.

It was no secret that states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, which locally supported Democrats, had begun to see that today’s Democrat Party is not the same party they grew up in. Democrats no longer believe in elevating the fittest and most qualified person into positions of leadership but rather promote people based on their collective grievances.

Stop making it easy for the Democrats to misuse, exploit, and misrepresent you.

You do not have to be a political scientist to know the largest voting block is the Middle Class. It is comprised of mostly White, Christian, and Conservative voters. They are not racist. The same Conservatives that hate Barack Obama proudly rallied behind Black Conservatives such as Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, and Herman Cain. Conservative Florida twice voted for Marco Rubio who is of Cuban descent, while Texas re-elected Ted Cruz. Donald Trump won 30% of the Hispanic vote and won more Black voters than any Republican since Richard Nixon.

The Nanny State

While Liberals want to skim over and ignore history, there is one great truth about America. The majority of Americans are a very deeply Christian and Conservative group of individuals. Even the rational Liberals in America are leery of anything that smells of Socialism. While today’s millennials have been spoon fed with socialist ideology, many memories still linger of World War II and the Cold War. Americans know what Socialism is, how slimy and deceptive these radical elements are, and what the true Marxist seeks – the destruction of America, the concept of God, and manhood itself.

While equality sounds humanistic and loving, the reality is you cannot achieve equality without a “big stick.” For instance, if Obamacare was so great, why did the Federal government force people to buy health insurance rather than encourage people with the option to choose? In Capitalism, nobody forces you to do anything. However, with choice comes consequences. Liberals do not want to take personal responsibility for the choices they make but want society to pay the bills for their destructive behavior.

Unfortunately, many poor and minorities have been made dependant on Democrats rather than take a risk and try to make decisions on their own. It’s called creating a “nanny state.” Democrats worst fear is their base waking up to realize people will do just fine without their help. I am not saying to vote Republican. However, at the very least stop making it easy for the Democrats to misuse, exploit, and misrepresent you. Take back your Party. Next time a Progressive rambles on about voting, ask them to show you where in the Constitution it says women and minorities are the sole property of the Democrat Party?

Behaving Like Jilted Lovers

Today’s Liberals share many of the same characteristics of an OJ Simpson-type personality. They are insecure, possessive, and insanely jealous of any competition to their authority. Simpson, who believed the rules never applied to him, became violently enraged when Nicole Simpson decided to leave him to pursue her happiness. Liberals, like “the juice,” behave like jilted lovers that cannot get over the fact that their once lovers moved on to a better life.

It never occurs to liberals that, “I don’t care how you feel about Donald Trump.” Screaming, yelling, and calling names is not going to change my opinion. I do not care if you unfriend me, never speak to me or buy the newspaper from someone else. My support for President Trump has nothing to do with them. They cannot grasp, it is my life. I do not need your permission to make decisions that benefit me. If you don’t like Donald Trump – don’t let the door hit you in the backside and move to another country. America is a Democracy, not Burger King where people have to accommodate and stroke your ego because the customer is supposed to be right.

I have never seen anything like this Anti-Trump hatred. We all have had losses and disappointments. Nobody’s life was more in the dumps than Tiger Woods. Divorce, loss of endorsements, career-ending surgeries, and addiction. He managed to snap out of it and play at the high level he is capable of. Democrats seem to be in a perpetual rage, venting at any slight or offense. This is why many love and support Donald Trump. Whether you love or hate President Trump, you cannot say that he’s soft. Only in America could a Donald Trump be created and that is why Americans will fight to the death to keep him in office.

Trials, Tribulations and Success

democrats get over it
ALL-STAR CELEBRITY APPRENTICE — Live Finale — Pictured: Donald Trump — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Trump embodies America – “The Comeback Kid.” In other nations when one falls he’s ostracized, labeled as a failure and tossed in the scrap heap. America is about redemption. Socialist hate Capitalism. However, with Capitalism just because you fail does not mean you are forever a failure.

Every great champion has been set back at one point. As with Reagan, Trump has been in America’s living room for almost forty years. We saw him throughout the roller coaster stages of his life: as a billionaire mogul, when his checks bounced, losing a billion dollars, running a hit TV show, and becoming President. That’s a comeback for the ages.   

Keep America Great in 2020

The Trump phenomenon has a life of its own. For a lot of Trump supporters, I would say he was not our ideal choice. However, because the Left completely devolved since election night and is still living in 2016 rather than moving on to support the duly-elected winner, it’s time to say enough. Winning elections should not be your primary goal. Knowing you played your best and are doing what’s right should be what elections are about, as well as shaking hands afterward.

Unfortunately, Democrats cannot look in the mirror and acknowledge that while they may not like or agree with President Trump, nobody’s interested in an agenda which means higher taxes and more regulations. Democrats offer nothing but anger and rage. This arrogance is what will help Trump be re-elected in 2020.


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