9th Circuit Judge Chooses More Child Deaths to Spite Trump

Liberals Want Political Victory More Than Protecting Unborn Life

On May 25th, Judge Heywood Gillam Jr. blocked Trump’s declaration of emergency, once again. Case in point, here’s just another example of how Liberals in the United States care less about the rule of law and more about political victories that they can tick-off in the upcoming election cycle, which unfortunately started the day after President Donald Trump won the 2016 election in an electoral landslide. As a result of their ground shaking loss in 2016 and the paltry pickups of the 2018 election, Liberals across the country have turned to aggressive legislation from the bench to advance their Socialist agenda, which the American people have rejected in the last three elections. With the deaths of several minors at the United States border and the deaths of millions of viable human beings because of “Liberal” anti-fetus laws, it is becoming clear that the Democrat party has become the Party of death of innocents in the United States.

Recent polls have shown that 84% of Americans want late term abortions banned.

The judicial ruling on May 25th came as no surprise to most Americans; even the President of the United States predicted that the case would be filed unconstitutionally in the 9th circuit and that this would be a battle that would go to the Supreme Court. The crisis of this case is that even Democrat presidential hopefuls have noted that the crisis at the border has gotten out of hand. As a result, this heinous opinion is a vote for the death of innocents, the rights sex traffickers, and a huge win for the bottom line of drug dealers who ship nearly 60% of illegal drugs across the open borders of the United States. The pitiful arguments of the Sierra Club (which is normally a very good organization) and Liberal governors in the Southwest is almost comical as the same Liberal governors are fighting tooth and nail to prevent the illegal “refugees” from being sent to their states and cities. However, the comedy ends at the point where innocent children, many of whom are the victims of sex traffickers, die at the border because of the “magnet” that sanctuary cities create for criminals at the United States border.

Liberals More Interested in Political Victory than Protecting Life in the United States

This ruling is simply another drop in the bucket of Liberal policies which almost seem designed to kill off select portions of the population. Abortion in the United States has long been seen to target the religious Right of the United States. The Christian Post reports that 70% of women who are the victims of abortion are Christian, most of them teens whom have not had proper counseling because of state mandates that prevent parental consent for a major medical procedure and whom guidance counselors, school nurses, and even doctors are railroading them into killing their child. Abortion clinics also predominantly target Black and Hispanic communities, which have a higher incidence of Catholic and Baptist congregants, with Black communities receiving 32% of all abortions and Hispanics receiving 20% of all abortions. Based on Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s famous “Negro-Project“ which had the goal of “infiltrate[ing] the Black community by presenting birth control as a health option for women to kill off the Black race. Kill them off by limiting the growth of the population by abortion and sterilization.”

Liberal states have taken Sanger’s “vision” to a perverse new level with laws such as the New York infanticide law, which condemns children who survive the abortion attempt to a short life of pain and fear as they lie cold and afraid on a table, scarred and burned by the saline solution which the “doctor” attempted to use as a vehicle for its execution as “nurses,” “doctors,” and other “medical” staff stand around the room and vulture wait for the child to die so its organs can be sold. While the argument that a fetus is not human is being rejected by more and more states, the fundamental concept that a child that is lying on a table is human should be universal. There is almost a perverse delight in the radical Left when children die because it offends the sensibilities of Conservatives and those who are Moderates.

As a nation, the divide between regular Americans and the radical Left-wing agenda of the 2016 freshman congressional class is becoming more apparent. While portions of middle America do not support the “Red Meat” agenda of the Trump Administration, most Americans realize that there is a crisis at the border.  Further, recent polls have shown that 84% of Americans want late term abortions banned, with late term being defined as after the child is viable (or has a heartbeat depending on the jurisdiction). The 2020 election is shaping up to be more than an argument on “Progressive” policies against “Conservative” policies, it is shaping up to be a judgement between life and death. Are we going to be a nation that allows political sycophants to sacrifice lives at the altar of personal success, or are we going to be a nation that values the life of innocents without discrimination based on race, creed or ethnicity? This is the choice on which the history of our nation will turn, how will you cast your vote? Will you choose life, or will you be like the California Judge who chose dead children over letting a political “opponent” get a marginal win?

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