The Pelosi Paradox

Far-Left Rhetoric Backs Speaker Pelosi into a Corner

Amid the rumble of Washington debating the proposal to release illegal aliens detained at the border into sanctuary cities, there is an even greater rumble looking at the problems facing the Democrat Party of the United States. According to CBS News, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi calls the idea of releasing illegal aliens and those who are applying for asylum into sanctuary cities “unworthy of the presidency.”

This quote shows the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party and the abject racism that it represents by representing that illegal aliens are good enough to be placed in small Midwestern and rural towns without the infrastructure to deal with them, but not good enough to reside in Democrat bastions like San Francisco, Chicago or Ft. Lauderdale. It is almost as if Speaker Pelosi is admitting that despite the Democrat leadership claims to the contrary, there are criminal elements within the migrants moving towards our border.

Both Sides are Radicalized

As both sides of the debate move further and further apart into extreme views, it has become an unpopular opinion that there are people who are coming to the border because they are being oppressed in their own countries and also there are criminals using the flood of migrants to sneak people, drugs, and disease into the United States. Just because people from the other side of the aisle say something does not mean that it is not true.

How we deal with this mass migration from socialism-stricken nations and other Central American nations says a lot. We are faced with a humanitarian crisis and a national emergency. Each day children, unaccompanied teens, single women and men are confined in impromptu holding areas, the number of abuses being inflicted upon them increases. President Trump noted that as many as one in three women who are coming to the border have been sexually assaulted during the trip and the New York Times reports that some women are being “forced to pay with their bodies” for cartel protection to cross the border.

People realize Democrats are pandering.

Regardless of the fact that illegal aliens break the law, knowingly allowing anyone to be abused sexually in the border camps is “cruel and unusual”. Stopping sexual abuse should be a top issue of politicians – both Left and Right. Those who are relying on this issue as a running point in 2020 are allowing this to happen. Not solving the problem is evil, and it must be put to an end.

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Obama’s Migration Infiltration

The concept that Speaker Pelosi would deny illegal aliens and the administration access to sanctuary cities defies the reason cities declared themselves as such in the first place. These are locations that feel our immigration laws are improper and want to “tear down the borders” of the United States. They should be welcoming these “global citizens.” However, when comparing the list of sanctuary cities and the list of where Obama settled migrants, we find that the ivory towers of sanctuary cities did not do their part to accept new people. It is almost as if it is a political move to increase the numbers of migrants into districts designated as “swing districts” for upcoming elections.

The United States needs to have a forced sit-down in Congress between leaders from the states and both political parties to find a solution to this problem. This may be one of those instances where we have a “lockdown” on the border, not allowing any migrants in until the problem is solved, and one in Washington, too. Members must stay in the chambers of Congress until a solution is found. I do not know whether it would be harder on the migrants, forcing them to stay in Mexico for longer or for the members of Congress to be forced to do their jobs!

Illegal Aliens Over Citizens For Votes

The Democrat Party has been championing the “rights” of the illegal aliens storming the border of the United States; however, now that the president is offering to give them their wish and release the illegal migrants, they are balking. Time and time again, we have seen the Democrat Party take a stance to get votes and then abandon that position when it appears the “ideal” is going to become a “real.”

We saw this with Obamacare. They tried to foist the failure off on states, individuals, and companies when it became apparent it was a failed policy. We saw this with gun control, as states with gun control have seen violence soar while states where people legally can own a firearm have seen decreases in violent crime. We have seen this with racism, where the Democrats preach equality while paying women and minorities less than “white workers”; all the while Republicans are being called “racist” and “bigoted” even though Republicans are supporting equal pay for women and minorities (in law and in practice). President Trump has one of the most diverse administration’s in history, and the Republicans disowned Steve King for racist remarks, while Ilhan Omar still sits on committees after numerous anti-Semitic rants.

The case of illegal immigration is another case of Democrats “supporting” something until they must act. This is a case of “I” (The Democrats) before “Ye” (Those of us living in rural America) except during “We” (We want your votes). We need to see past the rhetoric. It’s possible Speaker Pelosi is terrified of her San Francisco district’s reaction. The one with a crisis of feces on the streets. She may have to deal with thousands upon thousands of people who do not want to conform to the Democrat “ideal” of a sanctuary city.

Pelosi Pandering Tactics

The gig is up Madam Speaker. You do not want illegal aliens in your backyard any more than the rest of Americans do; what you do want is the Hispanic vote. You are watching the #Blexit, #Jexit, #Mexit movements gather steam as parts of your voting coalition leave your Party.

People realize Democrats are pandering. Additionally, people know the use of “reparations” is a bargaining tactic which is about as legitimate as trying to defame Candice Owens as the “new face of white nationalism!

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Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
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