Stop 5G Cell Towers From Being Installed in Your Neighborhood

This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion
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5G Technology Becoming Pervasive


AT&T has commercials for 5G faster Internet. Self-driving cars and the Smart City agenda need 5G cell towers. The goal is to get 5G cell towers into every state by 2019. However, this would put many truck drivers out of a job and lead to many other big changes.

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal asked Vice President of CTIA, Brad Gillen, whether or not 5G technology is safe according to scientific research in a Senate Committee Hearing. Brad Gillen responded by saying there is no scientific research proving 5G is safe. Brussels, Israel, and Portland Oregon have banned 5G cell towers, which raises red flags. In addition, Mar-a-Lago and Palm Beach Florida are exempt from having 5G cell towers.

5G Technology Not Worth Health Risks

Dr. Sharon Goldberg and Senator Patrick Colbeck are two experts in the field who strongly oppose 5G citing health dangers. Cities like Chicago, Illinois, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Troy, Michigan, and Los Angeles, California already have 5G cell towers.

At Weston Elementary School in California, eight students and three teachers got diagnosed with cancer, and now want the cell towers to be removed. The radiation from 5G is 20 times higher than 4G, which makes it more dangerous. There should not be a rush to install 5G cell towers.  The students and teachers at the school should be compensated after what they had to go through. Some say they should file a class-action lawsuit against the city and the makers of 5G technology. Any technology with EMF like Wifi-6 causes a lot of radiation and could lead to an increase in cancer.

How to Remove 5G From Your Neighborhood

Send messages on social media, attend city council meetings, and educate people within your local community about 5G technology.  EMF Safety Network suggests writing a letter to the editor of local newspapers. They also suggested handing out flyers and creating a petition. There is not a lot of time, so act quickly. included a step-by-step process on how to find a group in your area and begin a peaceful protest. Meanwhile, compiled a script for contacting local politicians. Lawsuits should arise if telecommunication companies (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint) and the city council does not warn their consumers and constituents of the health and privacy risks.  They should also face legal action if they attempt to disguise 5G cell towers.