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Unplanned Actress Started Entertainment Career Early

Robia Scott started her career at the age of 16 as a dancer. She traveled the world with Prince as “Pearl” on his “Diamonds and Pearls” tour after appearing in several music videos. Her acting career includes Beverly Hills 90210, CSI, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She stars as “Cheryl” in the surprise spring hit, “Unplanned,” a true story about a Planned Parenthood director turned avid Pro-Life activist.

Recently, New Right Network caught up with Robia and spoke about the movie for a few minutes. Her bubbly and joyous personality was infectious. The excitement she feels at the success of the movie is palpable. She credits God Himself with the success of the movie, especially in the face of such overwhelming opposition.

Unplanned Resistance

Robia spoke about the lack of air time not only in secular media circles but in Christian media as well. “Unfortunately the mainstream market would not touch us, but unfortunately even many Christian markets did not want to promote the film.” When asked why she thought Christian networks such as radio giant KLOVE would not support the film, Robia had this to say:

“I don’t know all the ins and outs as much as the producers, but I think it came down to a couple things. Not wanting to take a political stance, even though, obviously, abortion is a biblical position. It’s not political, it’s biblical. And then I think there was also an issue of supporting an R rated movie. But then again, we’re very different from your average R rating.”

“We don’t have sexuality, nudity, foul language. But the Motion Picture Association did deem abortion as violent. They admitted, themselves, that abortion is a violent act. But, you know, one of the things we’ve stated is this is not the kind of movie that should be restricted. R stands for ‘recommended’, R stands for ‘relevant’, R stands for real.”

Unplanned Divine Intervention

We mentioned it seems as if everyone is out to get the movie and take it down any way possible, and asked what Robia thought of all the Twitter shenanigans. “Yeah, the Twitter got shut down. I mean it’s been one thing after another. But it’s kinda beautiful because it shows that what is happening with this movie is only God. It hasn’t been because of marketing. It hasn’t been because of man’s hands, or man’s ideas. God has had to overcome all these natural obstacles and still push the movie forward.”

Abortion is not political, it’s biblical.

Robia Scott

We spoke about the many testimonies of people who have watched unplanned, asking how many people does she think this movie has already helped. Robia’s answer was the best. She said, “Well, our group really felt like if this movie touches one life, then it’s worth it. But already it’s been countless, really. From post-abortive women who feel that this film has been an opportunity for them to have a deeper healing, and to really release that guilt and shame.”

“Because when you see Abby’s story, she went through two abortions herself. And now look at her. God’s a God of redemption. She’s pregnant right now with her 8th child. So God is using her powerfully on earth. We all have mistakes in our past. Whether it be a choice like abortion or other choices. We’ve all made choices we regret.”

Unplanned Converts

“But what’s so incredible about God is we can move forward! He’ll take that, and we can move forward unencumbered. So that’s one side of it, and another side that I would say has been tremendous is that the mainstream media has thought ‘Oh, this movie is preaching to the choir! It’s just for the pro-lifers!’ But, those pro-choicers that have been courageous enough to be willing to go to the movie and just see what it is that they stand for.”

“We have had numerous accounts of journalists, even, writing articles saying ‘You know, I went to Unplanned. I knew when I went in that absolutely nothing (in all caps) nothing on that screen could have changed my position, and how I feel about pro-choice. But I was wrong because now I am unsure. And now I am asking questions, and now I am doing research. And it’s really kinda turned me upside down, and I’m not really sure where I stand.'”

Robia says she is excited about the movie’s success and adds she loves that the movie is not a “preachy” movie. “It’s not Christiany cheesy. It’s not telling people ‘You’re bad and we’re good.'” Robia highlights the fact that the movie is just a true story that runs the gamut as far as portrayals of all the characters. “It shows the gals who work in the abortion clinic. It doesn’t vilify them. I mean, I’m really the villain. But, the girls who work in the clinic are personable, are lovely. And they really believe that they’re doing a good thing.”

Unplanned: Bold Truth Telling

Robia says the movie does not shy away from pointing out the less than favorable actions of some on the pro-life side. She states “Some of the people are very godly and beautiful. But some of them are a little bit radical. And they’re screaming nasty things, and they’re showing horrible pictures. So the film really puts everybody… Some people in a positive light, and other people in a negative light. But it doesn’t only vilify the pro-choice side. It’s a very complete picture.”

“This movie is not pointing a finger. It’s not shaming or judgy. It really, honestly isn’t. It’s a message of hope. It’s a message of redemption. The core of the movie is about love. Even Abby. All the love she received from her family and her husband when she was in the midst of working at the clinic, and her family and husband were pro-lifers. But they just loved her. They loved her through every phase and every season of her life. So it really is a movie that does not condemn, at all.”

Watch the podcast to catch Robia’s words of comfort and hope toward post-abortive women and men. She wants us all to remember, “There’s nothing too big for God.”

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