Religious Freedom: Easter Hijacked By the Left

This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion
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Google Has Not Had Doodle for Easter in 19 Years

It seems Christian holidays are either being taken over by commercialism or snubbed completely, sometimes both, by Liberals and Left-leaning organizations. For example, tech giant company Google has not created a “Google Doodle” for Easter since 2000. Google created its first Doodle in 1998. It was done in honor of the Burning Man Festival. Google creates these doodles to recognize and honor certain people or events.

We have a president that stands up for Christianity.

However, Christians have noticed the seemingly intentional snub at the Easter holiday. Moreover, the last Doodle that Google released for Easter in 2000, featured Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs represent the commercialism of Easter and not the true meaning of Easter.

Although the Easter holiday has better resisted the massive commercialism we see at Christmas time, we still see it happening. Google would have fared better with the Christian community if it had released a Doodle more in keeping with the true meaning of Easter. However, Google has chosen to snub Easter by posting no Doodle at all or sometimes honoring another person or event.

Holy Week Consumed by Fire

In addition, this year we witnessed attacks on Cathedrals during Holy Week. For example, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris went up in flames. As we watched the historic Notre Dame Cathedral burn, it left many with a pit in their stomachs. Was this an accident? Are buildings being attacked for their beliefs?

This concern was further validated when a man was arrested in New York City for bringing gas cans into St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The man in question, Marc Lamparello, has taught philosophy at different schools in New York and New Jersey. This happened only two days after Notre Dame Cathedral went up in flames.

Lamparello claimed he was cutting through the Cathedral to get to another area where his vehicle was. He said that his “car ran out of gas.” However, his gas tank was not empty when police checked his minivan. It seems suspect that only two days after another prominent Cathedral went up in flames, that a man would enter St. Patrick’s Cathedral with gas cans.

Religious Freedom in America

America was founded on freedom of Religion. In theory, this means that any American citizen should be free to practice their religion free from persecution. However, we see Christians increasingly under attack. From slights like Google snubbing holidays to overt attacks like Cathedrals going up in flames, Christianity is under attack across the globe.

The Left, the media, and liberal politicians stand up strongly for other religions to have the right to practice freely. Democrats fight for Muslims to have their Mosques untouched, prayer in school, and more. Ask for that same treatment for Christianity and you may be scoffed at. When did we move so far-Left of what our founding fathers were trying to accomplish? Thankfully, we have a president that stands up for Christianity. It is time for Christians to find their voice and stop letting the Left hijack their traditions and persecute them.