Michael Knowles, Host of The Michael Knowles Show at the Daily Wire

Leftist Violence on Campuses

It was not long ago that the media was downplaying Maxine Waters’ call for mob violence. Since then, the country has witnessed multiple cases of public violence against conservatives. Ben Shapiro, Dinesh D’Souza and other conservative speakers have come into direct confrontation with protestors on college campuses.

Leftist outrage on college campuses has been normalized, and the next victim is Michael Knowles. Knowles is a well-known, conservative writer. He works closely with Ben Shapiro at The Daily Wire and hosts his own podcast.  

Michael Knowles downplayed the incident on Twitter by cracking a joke, comparing the attacker to Jussie Smollett. Likewise, Ben Shapiro followed suit on his podcast today, expressing disappointment in the lack of effectiveness in the attack.


Shapiro and Knowles are handling the situation well. Surely, nothing would surprise them at this point. However, this attack should alarm conservative-thinking individuals, especially students. Footage of the attack and the response by campus security can be found all over social media. Notice in the clip below that other protestors continued to support the attacker, as security attenuated the situation.

However, President Trump is aware of the problem on campus. Further, he signed an Executive Order protecting free speech on college campuses recently.


Enough is Enough

In short, the time has come for violent protests and attacks to end. However, Democrat Congressmen have done nothing to diffuse the situation or condemn the actions of extreme Leftists. Although it may not be a direct result of their heated and divisive rhetoric, condemnation from Democrats could have a positive impact on the current state of politics.

The University Conservative page within New Right Network is the perfect outlet for students to project their opinions and insights. They can join a network of similar-minded people and get published from a wide-reaching publication. Generally, conservative ideas are suppressed on college campuses. Institutional bias, in particular, is running rampant.

In addition, professors and administrators are doing nothing to solve the problem. In some cases, they are caving to the mob and preventing people like Ben Shapiro from speaking.  It is especially important to have a free exchange of ideas from both sides of the aisle. Hopefully, nothing like the UMKC attack will happen again. However, it is difficult to remain optimistic.

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