Why is Congress Allowed to Lie to Us?

A Review of the One-Sided System of Honesty in the United States

With the release of the full Muller Report on Holy Thursday, the people of the United States had the opportunity to see that our President was not a traitor. Also, if he was guilty of anything it was not providing all the information requested about a crime that did not happen to a government panel that investigated the offense that did not occur. Moreover, they spent $25 million to see that it did not happen.

No one is above the law.

All of this, only to recommend that the only viable evidence found indicates there may have been collusion (which is not a crime) to obstruct the investigation of a crime that was not committed. Moreover, it occurred in the form of expressing exasperation about the investigation and its effect on the operations of the United States. This $25 million will rank, in the history of government waste, with the $640 hammers at the Pentagon and $600+ toilet seats the government has bought. It was an outright waste and violation of the constitution. We were investigating a person looking for a crime, not a crime looking for a person.

Revelations From the Mueller Report

One thing that the Muller Report did show us is that House and Senate Democrats have a more fragile relationship with the truth than they accuse president Trump of having. We have all seen the claims of Adam Schiff saying that there is “ample evidence of collusion in plain sight.” However, he is failing to tell the American people that collusion does not appear in any law. Moreover, he is ignoring the fact that Muller, whose report Schiff said we must accept, said that there was no evidence that any American, not just the president, colluded with the Russians to influence the 2016 elections.

This doublespeak hearkens back to the statement of then-candidate Hillary Clinton. She said that anyone who did not accept the results of the election was a danger to the country. Then she would not accept the fact that she lost an election that her party tried to rig for her! Whether you love President Trump or hate him, he is shining a bright light on the double standard that is present in Washington DC. A light that is telling us that we need change.

Mueller Report Exposed Double Standards

The main area of the swamp that the Muller probe exposed is the double standard that we have with the elected representatives in Congress. If an American citizen lies to Congress, then they can be charged with a multitude of crimes. Including obstruction, perjury, and lying to Congress, to speak in the vernacular.

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However, members of Congress and government officials can repeatedly make appearances on talk shows, at press conferences and even from the chairs of committees and on the floor of Congress spouting a list of “alternative facts” which they know are lies. We saw this with numerous reports from committee chairs about the now debunked “collusion” scandal. These members of Congress, who knew they were lying, are still sitting in an office. Meanwhile, Americans, who on singular occasions forgot a fact while they were testifying to Congress, languish with criminal records and destroyed careers.

Congress Should Have Same Consequences as Citizens

For years, Americans have been requesting of our elected representatives that an amendment be passed to hold members of Congress to the same standards that the American people are held to. These petitions have included tax laws, health care laws, student loan forgiveness, and military service commitments. Now we must add another “request” to the list. We must request that members of Congress be held to the same level of truth that is expected of people testifying before them.

This is not to say that a member of Congress should go to jail if they misspeak. Or that one of the departmental spokespersons should lose their jobs if they get a fact wrong. What it’s saying is that when a member of Congress or government official present to the American people facts that they know to be false, on multiple occasions or in multiple instances, that they should be investigated for lying to the people they represent.

The American people have a right to know. However, through increasingly complex “confidentiality” codes in Washington, more and more information is kept from the public. This trend must be reversed. We need to change our “requests” to “demands.” Demand that members of Congress are held to the same standard as the American people.

Stand Up for the Truth

Truth has always been a victim of politics since the dawn of recorded history. As humanity advances, this stain on our evolution seems to remain. It is time for us to change that by calling our representatives and politely demanding that they are held to the same standard as we are.

If you are in a Congress chamber or representing the United States on TV, in the press or around the world and you persist in perpetuating a lie to confuse and confound people as to the issues, you should be subject to the same punishment as the rest of the people of these United States. No one is above the law, even those that are entrusted with making the law.

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Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
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