Dear Abortion || Spoken Word

Dear New York City,

Congratulations—you made HISTORY
But, because of your decision, we can no longer hear HIS or HER STORY
You took away their voice
Stripping children of their rights, but you call It pro-choice?
Smiles on your face as authoritative pens signed with celebration
But maybe this is what it takes to open the eyes of a blind generation
To see the total depravity of this lost and cold nation
Your actions are sick and you seem to have no desire for a vaccination

But the problem doesn’t stop in NYC, no, it’s much worse
It breaks my heart, it physically hurts

Dear United States, Scratch that, Dear World,

Hear my words, not for me, but for every unborn boy and girl
I don’t think you’re aware of the decision that was just made
It was a law to celebrate sin: AKA Roe vs. Wade
And speaking of the case, since then more than 53 million abortions have occurred
I can’t help but think of what would have become of these lives if these lost lives could have matured
Stop being complacent WORLD, THIS IS AN ISSUE
That’s a life that you’re choosing to end, not just a worthless piece of tissue
The child has a heartbeat, life from the point of conception
Some of you are standing on the other side saying “well that’s just perception”
Call it what it really is, you’re falling for deception

Stop being complacent WORLD, THIS IS AN ISSUE

We call it abortion because apparently, it sounds better than murder
In the womb that baby was crying if you could have only heard her
And that little boy was laughing if you would have just listened
It’s right in front of our face but somehow you still manage to miss it

Dear Young Lady,

I know you might be staring a double blue line on your pregnancy test
Laying hopeless on your bathroom floor, like you have nothing left
Maybe it’s because he ‘up and left’
And you don’t feel ready or like you can do it by yourself
So many people surround you but It’s like no one can help
I know you’re scared and you don’t know what to do
But please don’t let society fog your view
A million different voices offering advice
It’s easy to crumble when you’re under the weight of all the lights
But please know everything will be alright
Nothing can take away from the importance of life
Raising a child is scary, especially on your own
But I promise there are so many people who want to help you, you are not alone
You might think the baby was an “oops” or a “mistake”
The only mistake would be the decision you would make
The decision to end a life—

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Dear Young Man,

If you up and left, it’s time to make things right
In a pit of darkness, there’s a glimpse of light
It’s your job to step up to the plate and be a man
Be remembered as the man who did what was right, not the man who left and ran
Two wrongs don’t make a right, so choose to be a father
It’s not a consequence; it’s a blessing to have this son or daughter

Finally, Dear Christian,

It breaks my heart that many were so quick to judge
Our First reaction should have been one out of love
These people are broken but so are we—
I’m thankful I gave my broken pen to God and let Him perfect my story
Spreading hate and pointing fingers is the last thing our world needs
Instead bring the change and start meeting needs

Dear Abortion,

As a future husband and father, you have caused my heart to break
Staggering Statistics that make my chest hurt and my legs start to shake
How many more smiles, laughs, and cries did we never get to hear
People wonder where the change starts, it can start right here
Who can make a difference look in the mirror?
I know I have said a lot but let me make one more thing clear:

God is the Creator of life and His Creation is not a mistake
My prayer for this world is that we would be shaken awake
We need to be purged of our recklessness and our culture’s distortion
Right here, right now let’s commit to ending abortion.

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Lain McCanless
Lain McCanless
Lain McCanless is a writer for NRN and viral video creator, widely known for Dear Abortion || Spoken Word. McCanless is 20 years old and a senior Public Relations major at College of the Ozarks.