“Attacks On… Easter Worshipers”: DNC Hopefuls Refuse To Say Christian

Health Minister Warned Christians Would be Harmed

In the Sri Lanka pipe bomb attacks, 290 people were killed on Easter Sunday. The bombings happened both in luxury hotels and Roman Catholic Churches. Sri Lanka declared a National Emergency. The nation cut off social media, imposing curfews and a day of mourning to be held for the ones killed.

The search is on for both the local and international radical Islamic militant terrorists. Twenty-four people were arrested in connection with the bombings. Warnings came in to the Sri Lanka Government back in April – but were not pursued. The health minister said authorities were warned two weeks before the attacks, and given the names of attackers. This information was not shared with prime minister Wickremesinghe.

Condolences and Condemnations

As tweets condemning the attacks poured in, one word was notably missing from many of them. Former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and nearly all of the 2020 Democratic hopefuls tweeted in response to the attacks. Although at least some of the bombings specifically targeted Christians on the holiest day of the year – Easter Sunday – hardly any of their tweets mentioned Christianity.

One can only wonder how to get on this exclusive Democrats talking points early morning memo email? It is blatantly obvious Democrats and media “orders” are being sent out. It all sounds like the same repeated voice.


What Are Easter Worshipers?

What exactly are “Easter Worshipers” and what were they doing? Let’s rephrase that. Here is what these so-called “Easter worshipers” were not doing. They were not looking for Easter eggs, taking a walk in nature observing the sunlight, big trees and getting exercise. They were not having Sunday brunch eating and laughing with friends and family.

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Christians were repeating a few thousand year old ritual by praying, and eating the Blood and Body of Jesus Christ, celebrating His death and resurrection. Peacefully, they were in a Holy place of worship, called a church. It was during the Holiest time of year in the Roman Catholic religion. They were praying for their families, loved ones and probably for the betterment of the entire world. While innocently going about their lives, as is their right, they were sneakily and brutally murdered by suicide bombers. The murderers are part of a radical Islamic group.

Spiritual War of Words and Ideologies

We are in a spiritual war. The mainstream media is hiding this by portraying another scenario (of the dumb person) so they can keep letting these radicals into countries where their lifestyle clashes heavily with ours. It is getting to the point where they are wanting to extinguish us.

During the outpouring of love, Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took it a step further, saying, “These terrorist attacks are a stark reminder that Christians remain the most persecuted and targeted religious group in the world, and that we must redouble our efforts to combat religious persecution.” 

Foreign Victims in Sri Lanka

We are now finding out how many victims were foreigners. We know 31 died in the blasts with another 14 unaccounted for. While the majority of those killed in the attacks were Sri Lankan nationals, foreigners frequented many of the places targeted.

Danish billionaire Abders Holch Povlsen had three of his four children die in the attacks. Povlsen is one of Denmark’s richest men, being the owner of the clothing chain Bestseller and the biggest single shareholder in online clothing retailer ASOS. He is also the largest private landowner in the UK, according to the Times newspaper.

One of Sunday’s Sri Lanka bombings murdered victims is a 5th grader from a highly selective private school in Washington, DC. The school, Sidwell Friends, emailed friends and families of attending students with the news that student Kieran Shafritz de Zoysa died in the blasts.

Remembrance and Prayers

Keep all who have died in our prayers. Life is short. Remember throughout all of this what Jesus taught us in the Gospel of Matthew. Jesus summarizes the whole of the Old Testament in a single phrase: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

His teaching is famous as being “the Golden Rule.” While sometimes portrayed as an exclusively Christian concept, it doesn’t have to be. Our world would be so much better off if we all could practice this tenet.

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