Former Vice President Claims Times Changed

It is not now, nor never acceptable to drool, inappropriately touch, fondle smooch on, or sniff a person’s hair without their express permission or desire to do so known in advance of such action. Above all else, a child is always off limits.

This is nothing new. It is merely that “Creepy Joe Biden”, infamously named for his actions by rational people, has instead enjoyed support by an enamored mainstream media (MSM). They turn a blind eye to his skin crawling tendencies. That blind eye is used even when children are involved, not just grown women.

Times Vice President Biden Gave America the Creeps

Joe Biden has given the people of America the creeps for some time now. The list is long and well documented. The faces of the people in the room tell the entire story. Either Biden is socially inept or so rich and connected with the MSM that it just does not matter. Currently he is being forced to face his actions. Here are many of them: (Read the entire thread)

Watching the Today Show as He Fondled a Child

I remember watching the Today Show on NBC. There was a presentation at the White House. Former VP Biden started to lay it on this young girl. I felt shocked and offended. I recall thinking, “If that were my child, I would separate them and tell him to back off!” The Today Show anchors started saying “Isn’t that so sweet how affectionate he is?” after the first person noticed the action commented on it.

Biden is choosing to play the victim card.

Now, this disgusting, experienced, world-traveled person claims that the “rules have changed”? Respect has not changed. Protecting children has not changed. A person who visibly seems to be getting aroused to the point of possibly getting an erection, during official ceremonies being hosted as Vice President, is always off base.

This is similar to the Former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. His wife, Maria Shriver claimed that is just the way he is, and accepted his behavior. That is until they were out of the Governor’s Mansion, and it was revealed that he had fathered a child with the housekeeper. Somehow, they kept that story under wraps. The MSM tends to keep a blind eye as long as it benefits them, their party and their friends.

Biden Begs to Differ – “Way I’ve Always Been”

Perhaps, Biden does not understand the concept or was never taught proper decorum. One does not touch things that do not belong to you. Unfortunately, instead of realizing it is about respect, he is choosing to play the victim card.

As people age, they mature, learn, and grow. What Former Vice President Joe Biden is showing the world is that he has done none of those things. It appears that he has chosen to run for President. He was unacceptable as Vice President and should be that much more unacceptable as President. Perhaps the voters will give him a clear signal. The clearest, loudest signal is saying no! Personal boundaries are now and have always been there. Biden is merely a person who has gotten away with continuing to do things perceived as unwarranted for far too long.

UPDATE: 4/5/2019