RIGHT NOW Interview: Political Cartoonist Ben Garrison

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Newspaper Comic Turned Political Commentator

Ben Garrison is a widely popular political commentator whose medium of communication lies in the world of comics. Garrison has rather impressive credentials in the field of graphic arts, having spent 20 years as an artist for newspaper comics. He then went on to start his own business in the field of graphic design. His time in the newspaper gave him the skills in order to draw quickly. He would often start a cartoon late at night after watching a political debate and have it done by the next morning.

Ben Garrison mentions “New Right” in his Social Media Freeway cartoon, March 2018

Garrison’s Next Cartoon

Garrison came up with his next cartoon idea during our interview. While discussing Barr and the Mueller report, he came up with an idea using the metaphor of “turning the tables.” He intends to make a comic of Attorney General Barr literally turning a table on Democrats that were hoping for grounds to impeach President Donald Trump.

When writing his comics, he often uses metaphor in order to create an easy to understand image for the viewer. Garrison’s inspiration for metaphor comes from anger. “They don’t spring from comedy, I’m not a comedian. I go the Satire route. I don’t think about what’s funny in this.” He wants to use his comics to start a fire in people. Garrison calls his comics “a call to action.”

Big Pharma and Other Abuses in Government

Ben Garrison’s Pandora’s Needle cartoon

Garrison’s next line of comics will be on the topic of vaccinations. He is concerned about mandatory vaccinations and casts doubt on them. “Do we really want to have needles poked in us and have all this aluminum and aborted fetal tissue DNA and animal DNA and who knows what else?” He also feels that the Federal Reserve is an immoral system and that the IRS is the “Gestapo.” Garrison made this point: “Most citizens live by hard work and then the government exists by stealing our labor.”

Ben Garrison’s Big Book of Editorial Cartoons

Garrison is currently Indiegogo funding his new book: “Ben Garrison’s Big Book of Editorial Cartoons,” featuring his 10 years of artistry. There is quite a tale behind the creation of his new book. For quite a long time, Garrison’s fans have asked him for a “coffee table book.” All of the other books that he has put out have been much smaller in print. He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to afford a print run of a larger book.

After much deliberation with his wife Tina, he decided to crowdfund for the money to create the book. With a goal of $20,000 he was unsure what would come of it. Much to his surprise however, his goal was met within a week of uploading it onto the crowdfunding website. As it stands now, he has more than doubled his goal; this has helped to increase the quality of the limited 1,000 book printing. Anyone wishing to contribute to his work or follow him on social media can go to grrrgraphics.com to stay up to date on all things Ben Garrison.

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