RIGHT NOW Interview: Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith

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Senator Concerned About Illegal Aliens

“Senator Linda Collins-Smith represents Senate District 19, which is comprised of Independence, Izard and Sharp Counties and portions of Fulton and Randolph Counties. She is serving her first term in the Senate and is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and vice-chairman of the Legislative Joint Auditing-Medicaid Subcommittee.”

When Senator Collins-Smith learned of the egregious events of November 6, 2016, and the death of Hailey King at the hands of an illegal alien, she knew she needed to get involved. After speaking to Kathy Hall, Hailey’s mom, Senator Collins-Smith investigated the case and decided she could help. Her main questions were, “What do we do in the state of Arkansas? Are we consistent in arrests? Are we consistent in the way people are punished if they are illegal aliens?”

Asking Tough Questions

Sen. Collins-Smith decided to bring Kathy Hall, several prosecutors, city Mayors and State Police to speak at a Judiciary hearing. Collins-Smith wanted to find out, “Do we handle all arrests the same?” She adds, “Because what I was finding out was that they didn’t.” The Senator did, however, find out that the State Troopers handled everything the same way and are consistent statewide. What bothered her was that at the city and county levels, things are handled differently, and it is the same way with each Prosecutor.

“They have prosecutorial discretion, so even that is not handled the same way,” she says. Those things made it a challenge to find out just how crimes involving illegal aliens are handled in Arkansas. The Senator credits Kathy Hall for allowing state Legislators to see that “we have a major problem in Arkansas when it comes to illegals.”

When asked about what she believes is the reason an interior state like Arkansas has such a problem with illegals, Sen. Collins-Smith said she attributes it to several things. “First, we are an ag(riculture) state, and the second thing is I believe it is because we are a welfare state. And that is a personal opinion, I’ll make that clear.” The Senator believes they see more than their fair share of illegals because they are a hospitable state that is very giving. They love people and want them to come to Arkansas.

Illegal Aliens Use Our Highways

Collins-Smith recalls a conversation she had with a Minnesota sheriff in which he informed her that his state has the most opioid deaths. She tells us, “He told me, and he told the public, ‘remember, they’re being delivered up and down your interstate and on your highways to get to us up north.’” She says you don’t have to be a border state to have issues with illegals.

Senator Collins-Smith says the sad thing is that these illegals are not treated the same way when they cause deaths. She says they aren’t handled the same way, and that is what she wants at least for the state of Arkansas. Sen. Collins-Smith says there should be someone to say, “this is how we handle illegals in our state.”  She says that is something she will be working on.

Illegal Families Aid and Abet

When asked how illegal aliens, who cross the border on foot, get to interior states so fast, Senator Collins-Smith had this to say: “Illegally. Some of them have family that will meet them when they get here. I have no idea if there’s a movement to get more illegals in, so there’s just a group and they know about it, and we don’t. But obviously they travel, and they travel fast. And sometimes it’s on foot. But as soon as they get here, it’s like automatically they have a place to go, and they can survive. And it is hard today to survive out there if you have no one, or you don’t have a plan.”

Collins-Smith says it is offensive enough when someone kills your loved ones, “but when it’s an illegal, and they get less time than an American gets for a crime, it’s just not acceptable! And these families deserve justice when their loved ones are taken from them.” Collins-Smith reminds us they are already breaking the law, and so it is very easy for them to continue to break the law, “And they flee. They just go somewhere else.”
She says that we have to do more to investigate how illegals travel through our states. She believes the states need to take an active role in helping our President make our states safe again.

Adding Insult to Injury

When asked how illegals obtain everything from welfare to income tax refunds, Sen. Collins-Smith said, “There are people who turn a blind eye, as far as I’m concerned. I do believe that they (illegals) manufacture social security numbers, or steal those social security numbers. If you remember there was that one address that was reported in Atlanta, they had so many it was unreal. I mean there were millions of dollars coming through that one address.”

Collins-Smith wants to know how that can be. “There’s no checks and balances, sending back those refunds. That many people can’t live at that one address. And so there has to be checks and balances. If you’re observant, it’s almost as if it were planned. It’s almost as if it’s acceptable, it’s ok, and ‘let’s just do this.’”

The Senator says it is a sad day that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), with all the funds they collect, and as large as they are, they don’t have a check and balance to ensure income tax refunds are legitimate and going to the right people. Which brought us to discussing how, in Kathy Hall’s case, an illegal alien obtained $57 thousand dollars to facilitate a stellar defense complete with the best lawyers in Arkansas.

Collins-Smith adds to the questions with her own. “How is it possible for that, and then he doesn’t pay any restitution except a hundred dollars or so. $57,000 for his attorney’s fees. Who paid it? Did he pay it? This man has committed a crime. And it gets worse! The man gets married while he’s out. While he’s waiting to go to his hearing. He gets married, and now has a child! So will ICE deport this man who is here illegally and committed a crime?”

Educating the Public: How to Speak to Legislators

The Senator feels doors have been opened to her. She has visited with Angel Families, and teaches people how to talk to their elected Legislators. She says she wants to teach people how to approach their elected officials in their state. Her goal is to show people how to respectfully bring things to their officials and show them, and say “Here’s what happened.”

She believes that we will continue to get the border wall up, to have border security. But she asks, “What happens next?” Her answer to that question is to enforce our policies. “We have some great laws on our books federally, and we have some in our states. But we need to make sure those laws are enforced. If we have illegals, they should be captured and they should be taken out (deported).”

Her Plan Moving Forward

Another thing that the Senator believes should happen is that business owners should stop hiring illegals, and should report illegals when they find them. She says we need to stop giving our tax dollars to illegals in any way, shape, or form. She states, “If you knew the estimated cost of illegals in America, can you imagine the cost for each state? Arkansas per capita is a tiny state for population, and we have some of the highest illegal aliens, the numbers are so high, based on a Pew report done a couple of years ago. And that’s just the ones they documented. So how bad is it?”

Senator Collins-Smith says that Arkansas is a “poor state,” and wonders why their tax dollars are going to help others when they should be going to help the citizens of the state of Arkansas, and Americans. She says that is important to her. “I’m a giving person. I think it’s my job, and my churches job, to help people. But I don’t think that we should be breaking the law to get those people over here and give them cover when they are some of the very people who are killing our citizens. And they’ve already broken the law. They don’t worry about it. They know the most they’re (the law) going to do to them is deport them.”

Addressing the DACA Issue

We then addressed the issue of DACA recipients. Her thoughts: “I think we’re bringing too many people to America. Whether it’s legal immigration or it’s illegal. We have too many. No other country does what we have allowed to happen. And I believe we need to be very selective in this day and time of terrorism, we need to know who’s coming to our country. I’m very good with people going back through Ellis Island. I would be just fine with that. As a matter of fact, we would have a better way to vet people.”

“When you say DACA specific, I can tell you probably, if I were in charge, they would have to go with their parents if they’re (parents) here illegally. If they want to see their children, they need to take them with them. Just like anyone that would move from state to state, and has children.”

“If I were them, I would take my children. Or I would try to figure out how to come here legally. Breaking the law is not acceptable. It’s not the fault of the children, but they are the children of their parents. They should remain together. That’s my opinion.”

Conservatives Must Get Loud

When asked her personal thoughts on how the situation was allowed to snowball, Senator Smith-Collins had this to say: “First of all, Conservatives are less likely to speak loudly, they just don’t. And they need to. They need to be as strong in their beliefs, and as vocal as the Liberals are. It is not right to have a group of people that is in our government not want us to be safe. And when I say us, I mean everyone in America.”

“Whether you’re a border state or not, you deserve to be protected. And it’s the job of the President to manage the affairs, and he needs to make sure that we have whatever that includes. Whether it’s a wall, other types of security in our border, we need all of that. It is offensive to me to hear our U.S. Congressmen, those that say there is no problem. It is as offensive as can be.”

Pelosi’s Human Shields

Senator Collins-Smith says she also has been to Nancy Pelosi’s office, and says that her staff would not even give a time to meet. She says herself and Angel Families who visited were ignored. They were not even told by staff that there was no time to meet them. Collins-Smith says, “They should be respectful of the people that have them in office. It’s very offensive to go to Nancy Pelosi’s office and see a partial wall that protects her from the people. They need to remember, these people are dying. They are hurt. Think of the money we can have for security if we didn’t have to spend it all on illegals.”

The Senator believes it is important that we make sure policies are enforced from state to state. She also believes in educating citizens on how to talk to Congressmen. “I think it’s important to educate citizens on how to be vocal, and how to professionally get their message to their Legislators at the state level and the federal level.”

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