Nashville News-Leader Refuses to Print Angel Mom’s Story

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Local News Refuses Story

When Angel Mom Sabine Durden asked the Nashville News-Leader to print a story of her son’s murder by an illegal alien, they refused. After the paper’s first refusal, Durden approached several other publications, among them the Arkansas Gazette. The Gazette and two publications in California picked up the story in its entirety.

Feeling emboldened, Durden returned to the News-Leader, with the Gazette article in hand. She stressed that if out-of-state publications were interested, surely her local paper should be, too. After a second refusal from the News-Leader, Durden and her husband decided to cancel their subscription. In Sabine Darden’s own words from her posts, the story unfolds.

Angel Mom Met With Hostility

Entering the Nashville News-Leader offices, the Durdens informed the receptionist of their purpose for being there. They were immediately met with hostility. Three employees in the lobby informed the Durdens that they would never print their story. The couple requested their subscription cancelled.

“shut up with your damn Twitter.”

Also, they requested a refund for the remainder of their subscription. This request, too, according to the Durdens, was met with reluctance. The office personnel were intimidating as well as threatening to Durden and her husband.

No Charges Were Filed Against Durden

Durden informed the employees, that she would be writing about her experiences with the paper on Twitter. The female receptionist then yelled at her, “shut up with your damn Twitter.” A male employee walked to the door and told the Durdens to “get out.” Durden informed him that they would leave when they were done cancelling the subscription.

The receptionist said she could not print out a receipt. She gave the Durdens $15. By this time, a third male had ordered them to leave again, saying he was calling the police. Having completed their business, the Durdens stepped outside to wait for authorities. The officer who arrived was sympathetic to their situation, and the matter was dropped. No charges were filed.

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