No Collusion: Mueller Knew Months Before Midterms

Mueller Reporting Intentionally Withheld

According to high ranking officials in the DOJ, Robert Mueller had completed the major parts of the Russia probe in August 2018. Months before the midterm elections, there was enough evidence to clear the president of the cloud of collusion. However, the release of this information happened 5 months post elections.

According to True Pundit: “(Rod) Rosenstein was briefed and it was common gossip and well-known nothing had been pinned on Trump and it was wrapping up”. Based on this, questions involving the intentions behind withholding the information have formed. The media and the opposing party, Democrats, focused their efforts during the midterm elections on pushing the Collusion narrative.

Moreover, this narrative has caused intense division in this country. As we are now learning, the Russia probe began with unverified information. From the beginning, there were bad intentions. Allowing this to play out has caused a deep divide, from which we may never fully recover.

Investigate the Special Counsel

Based on all the information that we now have; from the Russia probes origins to the new Ukraine investigation, and now this information- a new investigation is warranted. Both Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions knew that Mueller was sitting on information that would clear President Trump once and for all.

At this point, there is enough information to appoint a new Special Counsel. However, this time the Special Counsel would investigate the former Special Counsel. As more information is revealed, it becomes clear that there may have been multiple criminal acts committed. These criminal acts were committed not by President Trump or his team, but by those appointed to investigate him.

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It appears that Andrew Weissman, acting on the frustration of lack of evidence against the president, pushed to investigate Donald Trump, Jr. Reports indicate that Weissman wanted to indict Trump, Jr. “whether the charges stuck or not”. This was an effort to put pressure on the president to sit down with the Special Counsel.

The Push for Entrapment

Just as they did with General Michael Flynn, had the president sat down with the Special Counsel a minor charge may have been the likely outcome. We have seen it happen with Flynn and George Papadopolous. Once in front of investigators, they ask many questions and a misremembered event could result in a “lying to the FBI” charge.

Weissman hoped to use the president’s son against him, to lure him in. Once they had him talking, they possibly would have pressed any charge they could. President Trump wisely insisted that all communication be done in writing.

As this story develops, along with the Ukraine investigation, we may find even more evidence. Stay tuned to New Right Network for up to date information.

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