Welcome to the Millennial Generation

What happens when a generation of college students who are supposed to be entering a new life stage where worldviews are challenged, where hard questions are asked, and higher learning is really nothing but coddling, whining, and overall putrid behaviors that disrupts and even causes entire campuses to go under? These are the Millennials.

No, not the Millennials who were born between 1978-1985 because at least they understood the notions of going outside and playing tag, waiting on dial-up to connect, celebrating that they finally have 56K connection, and when getting a Motorola StarTac cellphone or a Nokia was a symbol of being boujie. No, these are the Millennials who were born in the late early 90s and into Y2K who had the better video game systems, the higher resolution 3D video games, were the latchkey kids who got everything they wanted from computers, cellphones, and even their first new car that mommy and daddy bought them and no discipline.  

In fact, because of the lack of proper dialogue, underdeveloped kids are going into higher class education systems with no upbringing, a coddled past with no challenge, and expect the universe to bend around them. And college leadership is doing nothing but bowing down to these useless students who are spending tens of thousands on worthless degrees like Gender Studies degrees or Lesbian Dance Theory. These same kids are getting in the way of real activities and are being more of a detriment than anything else.

Postponing a Game Because… Climate Change?

During the November 23rd Harvard vs. Yale football game, the game was postponed. It is not what you think. It was not due to snowfall or heavy rains. Not because an animal rampaged through the field. Well, not an animal in terms of a squirrel, bird, or deer running amok. No, these are a different animal. The protest-y kind. The kind that believes their voices need to be heard and out of a sense of entitlement, these creatures sanctimoniously parade their ideas and shove them down the throats of other people. Yes, the climate change activists once again decided it was in everyone’s best interest to not watch an entertaining football game but listen to a message that has not real science but has every reason to be pushed for political and financial reasons. Again, the snowflakes decided to make it their agenda to interrupt everyone’s day so that everyone needs to pay attention to them because clearly, mommy and daddy didn’t considering mommy and daddy didn’t tell these folks that their opinions aren’t worth that much.


Meanwhile, in Syracuse University

It didn’t stop there. Over this same weekend, Syracuse University experienced more racist epitaphs plastered around campus. From “swastikas” to Asian slurs to black slurs began appearing around campus and it caused an uproar within the student body. So much uproar that one girl claims have indicated since her arrival on campus, she has experienced anxiety and stress while another black gentleman claims that such racism on campus brought his mother to the brink of death.  es friends, brink of death! From college students, students who are spending hundreds of dollars per credit hour to make wildly exaggerated claims about their mother’s dying because of the racism on campus. Oh, if only this was a fictional tale but no, this is real. 

The student body’s outcry was so loud that it caught the ears of both faculty and the university Chancellor. But rather than telling the students to get over it as he sends janitor Bob to clean up the writings, the Chancellor has continually bowed down to the students. Between allocating $5 million to a new Social Justice center on campus, the students still are calling for his resignation.  

Evergreen 2.0

In terms of university life, it has become quite clear, a university education is in fact quite useless. After the incident at Evergreen College where attendance has all but flat lined and funding for the college is tanking, one would think the Evergreen lesson would have been learned. The lesson being that bowing to the demands of snowflake students never bodes well for anyone whether it’s to push a climate change agenda while interrupting a beloved football game or racist graffiti in snow. Either way, many felt the sentiment that Harvard and Yale football teams should’ve plowed through the protest scattering them like turds in the wind much like how Syracuse University students should be told like this and not this.

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