MSM: Not Even Convincing Propagandists

Since 2016, we have seen how the mainstream media and various social media groups have revealed themselves to be shills for the Left. They are sloppy propagandists, and obviously against anyone that does not adhere to their narrative.  Time and time again, we have seen a plethora of Left-wing media-ites all tank in ratings as they have lied and continue to lie, deface, misinform, and generally discredit, belittle, and defame. Continuing to disrespect what President Trump has been doing for his first term in office. 

For Thanksgiving 2019, we’re going to look at some of the latest as well as revisit some historic blunders the media has shown us that affirm what we suspected of them. That they are fake news. There should be more places to go for the real scoop. There is a hunger for truth, not political partisanship. In fact, we love how the Main Stream Media are pushing the rest of American towards the Right.

Occupy Democrats

When Trump came into office, the media went wild.  So wild that the crazy seeped into almost every facet of the Left.  Occupy Democrats, a noted Facebook group who have made attempts to use memes in the culture war to discredit President Trump. Their very own memes have utterly failed to strengthen them. If anything they have turned around and bit them.  

During Obama’s Presidency, there were numerous attempts to discredit those who did not line up with Obama’s agenda and for that they were called all sorts of names.  Occupy Democrats decided to take it one step further and call such behaviors “treasonous”. The statement they shared was, “Openly defying and brazenly disrespecting your President while hoping he fails is not called patriotism, it is called treason.”

Once Trump went into office, they switched gears and posted on Facebook: “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic, but morally treasonable to the American Public.”  See the glaring hypocrisy? Rules for thee, not for me, right Occupy Democrats? Pot, kettle, color, discuss.


Could it get any worse for this Turner Broadcasting Station owned, sloppy, Far-Left Propagandist, media industrial machine? They do nothing but churn out 16-hour news cycles of complete and total misinformation.  Screw-up after screw-up, from minor things, to fact checking jokes, to privileged elitist behaviors that normal folks would be fired and jailed for.

Let’s start with Chris Cuomo of CNN.  This Left-Wing poster child whose job as a reporter is just about as messed up as his understanding of words.  From telling the public that CNN should be the only source of information, to saying that “Fredo” is the Italian equivalent of the “n-word”. That’s only the tip of the iceberg of Cuomo’s journalistic malpractice.  SO MANY BLUNDERS, see for yourself!  This is continually how bad CNN’s Chris Cuomo is.

We can’t pass over CNN without mention of our Worst Journalist of the Year, Don Lemon.  Where to begin is the real question here. There are just too many examples to choose a worst one, so you can watch some typical Lemon moments here and here.  And lest we forget, his latest incident.  Expect him to once again appear on live TV drinking like a fish for CNN’s New Year’s Eve annual special, while he drinks himself stupid.

We also have to remember the escapades of Alysin Camerota who, let’s be honest, is pretty useless in terms of journalism.  Mishap after mishap of framing and dishonest reporting is her thing, while twisting talking points around to sound logical and factual.  Of course facts have little to do with them. Case in point, you can check out this latest blunder here.

Let us not delve too far away from CNN continually identifying itself as effectively journalistic fecal matter without touching on good ‘old Abilio Acosta.  We know him as Jim. Rather than compile a paragraph of all the Acosta crapshoots, just watch this, this, and this and enjoy as you process your tryptophan from all the turkey you consumed.


What we can be completely sure of is the transparency of MSNBC.  They are on record for saying they are Left-leaning in their reporting as opposed to CNN who is Left-leaning but disguise themselves as “centrist” or “moderate”.  That does not mean that MSNBC are without any blunders themselves. Morning Joe is one show on MSNBC that has gone completely off the rails and continues to embarrass themselves. Like the verbal slips of Mika Birzinski, who used words on live television like “Menthol Hoth Community” or “diagnisis” with regards to the President.  

Can we really pass by MSNBC without addressing Rachel Maddow?  The Russia collusion-obsessed, TDS-suffering, lesbian hack of a reporter. She continually strikes out with her show, to the point that she really has nothing to go on anymore now that Russia collusion is a big fat nothing burger.  Let’s start with the earliest blunder, the Trump tax hype

She milked the story of how once everyone saw Trump’s taxes, they would be sure to show impeachable crimes. She was counting the days until Trump was replaced, and the Democratic agenda could continue. Maddow acidentally proved that it was nothing by getting some old tax figures together. They showed that Trump pays MORE in taxes than some of her political teammates, like Bernie Sanders.  Now that the Mueller Report shows that there was no collusion, Maddow really has nothing else and that clearly hurts her.

More Than This

Rather than bore you, our readers, with a play-by-play of golden material regarding the fake news media industrial complex and it’s duplicity, we’ll regale you with this compilation Twitter thread of this, so that you can simply scroll for yourself and see here. The example of contradictory opinions expressed about the same topics under differing Presidents is enlightening. We can see how blatantly biased the MSM is for the Democratic narrative. The Democrats it appears, can do no wrong. Orange man is always bad, of course.

The Latest Blunderfest: Newsweek

As it so happens, our own President decided it was in his best interest not to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends in the White House.  The President decided to drop in on our warriors who are spending their Thanksgiving in Afghanistan. Newsweek decided it was in their best interest to publish a hit piece on the President. At roughly 8:15 AM Thanksgiving morning, they accused the President of simply tweeting and golfing for Thanksgiving.

Jessica Kwong of Newsweek printed the story, and it seemed like everything was going peachy for Newsweek.  Then Press Secretary Grisham tweeted at Newsweek showing their error. This completely derailed the magazine.  Kwong then had to remove her tweet and then Newsweek retweeted, filling in the gaps and including the President’s Thanksgiving visit to the troops.

Eating crow not turkey, she corrected her previous entry which Newsweek tweeted again hours later.  She called it “an honest mistake”.  That’s what happens when you jump the gun early and print out stuff before you get all the facts straight, especially when the goal is to defame the President. If there is one thing that keeps all of us both frustrated and entertained, it is in fact, the MSM that continues to misinform the general public while they continue to denigrate the President.

It is in fact quite telling that the Left in general embodies exactly what Occupy Democrats noted for Obama, that brazen disrespect and openly expecting Presidential failure is not patriotism, it is treason. Spit that back in the face of the Left and see how they react, but then again, they operate on a different set of standards.  “Rules for thee, not for me” is their mantra and it is high time someone calls them out on it. Trump Jr. did so to Whoopi and Behar on The View!!! Let’s continue that train shall we?! Happy Thanksgiving America from all of us at New Right Network!


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